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Apr 26, 2024 - Handschriftenbeschreibungen der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg zu den Codices Palatini
Huthwelker, Thorsten; Metzger, Wolfgang; Winterer, Christoph, 2024, "Codices Palatini latini – Juristische Handschriften",, heiDATA, V1
Here you can find the descriptions of the Latin Palatine manuscripts as published in the manuscripts catalog "Die juristischen Handschriften der Codices Palatini Latini in der Vatikanischen Bibliothek (Cod. Pal. lat. 621-813)", edited by Thorsten Huthwelker, Wolfgang Metzger und...
Apr 24, 2024 - AIPHES
Mihaylov, Todor, 2024, "Knowledge-Enhanced Neural Networks for Machine Reading Comprehension [Source Code and Additional Material]",, heiDATA, V1
Machine Reading Comprehension is a language understanding task where a system is expected to read a given passage of text and typically answer questions about it. When humans assess the task of reading comprehension, in addition to the presented text, they usually use the knowled...
Apr 22, 2024 - Blasco Group
Mainik, Philipp; Hsu, Li-Yun; Zimmer, Claudius W.; Fauser, Dominik; Steeb, Holger; Blasco, Eva, 2024, "DLP 4D Printing of Multi-Responsive Bilayered Structures [data]",, heiDATA, V1
Advances in soft robotics strongly rely on the development and manufacturing of new responsive soft materials. In particular, light-based 3D printing techniques, and especially, digital light processing (DLP), offer a versatile platform for the fast manufacturing of complex 3D/4D...
Apr 22, 2024 - Blasco Group
Royo, Rachel; Mainik, Philipp; Benitez-Martin, Carlos; Andreu, Raquel; Blasco, Eva; Najera, Francisco; Villacampa, Belén, 2024, "Highly Efficient Photoninitiators Based on 4H-Pyranylidene Derivatives for Two-Photon Laser Printing [data]",, heiDATA, V1
A series of four donor–acceptor–donor derivatives bearing 4H-pyranylidene and 4-methylcyclohexan-1-one units as donor and acceptor groups respectively is designed, synthesized, and photophysically characterized. Both experimental and theoretical studies reveal good two-photon abs...
Apr 19, 2024 -
Iglesia, Martin de la; Wenzel, Michael, 2021, "Kommentierte digitale Edition der Reise- und Sammlungsbeschreibungen Philipp Hainhofers (1578-1647)",, heiDATA, V17
Dieses Datenset enthält die der Edition zugrundeliegenden Forschungsdaten, also vor allem die in TEI/XML codierten Transkriptionen und Kommentare sowie die daraus abgeleiteten Formate PDF, TXT und XHTML, außerdem die Register in PDF und XHTML.
Apr 18, 2024 - Global Health and Economics
Kohler, Stefan; Sitali, Norman; Achar, Jay; Paul, Nicolas, 2024, "Programme costs of longer and shorter tuberculosis drug regimens and drug import: a modelling study for Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:XNSx0CjhN0IIi/rvvB01gQ== [fileUNF]
Background: The introduction of new and often shorter tuberculosis (TB) drug regimens affects the cost of TB programmes. Methods: We modelled drug purchase and import costs for 20-month, 9-month and 4- to 6-month TB drug regimens based on 2016–2020 treatment numbers from a TB pro...
Apr 18, 2024 - Global Health and Economics
Kohler, Stefan; Sitali, Norman; Achar, Jay; Paul, Nicolas, 2024, "The contribution of drug import to the cost of tuberculosis treatment: a cost analysis of longer, shorter and short drug regimens for Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Tuberculosis (TB) programs depend on a continuous supply of large amounts of high-quality TB drugs. When TB programs procure TB drugs from international suppliers, such as the Global Drug Facility, they can incur import costs for international transport, customs clearance, and na...
Apr 18, 2024 - Global Health and Economics
Paul, Nicolas; Limprecht-Heusner, Marcus; Eichenauer, Jutta; Scheichenbauer, Christel; Bärnighausen, Till; Kohler, Stefan, 2024, "Burnout among midwives and attitudes toward midwifery: a cross-sectional study from Baden-Württemberg, Germany [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:RsKNuUPDKVAakYDF4Z/3Sg== [fileUNF]
Introduction: Midwifery services are a cornerstone of maternal care, but the mental health of midwives is at risk in many work settings. The aim of this study was to assess burnout and attitudes toward midwifery among midwives in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Methods: A cross-secti...
Apr 18, 2024 - Global Health and Economics
Kohler, Stefan; Dalal, Shona; Hettema, Anita; Matse, Sindy; Bärnighausen, Till; Paul, Nicolas, 2024, "Out-of-pocket Expenses and Time Spent on Clinic Visits Among HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Users and Other Clinic Attendees in Eswatini",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:fCKr9iVPE677CM/2iOnvPA== [fileUNF]
User costs constitute a barrier to the uptake of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), but their magnitude appears rarely assessed. In this prospective observational study, we assessed self-reported out-of-pocket expenses (OOPE) and time spent on clinic visits during a PrEP demons...
Apr 18, 2024 - Global Health and Economics
Kohler, Stefan; Bärnighausen, Till; Eichenauer, Jutta; Scheichenbauer, Christel; Paul, Nicolas, 2024, "Gesundheit und berufliche Zufriedenheit von freiberuflichen und angestellten Hebammen: Ergebnisse einer Hebammenbefragung in Baden-Württemberg [Forschungsdaten]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:ry6jPOc6QEiV1shLoJuJ/g== [fileUNF]
Hintergrund: Seit einigen Jahren wird in Deutschland vielerorts ein Mangel an Hebammen diskutiert. In dieser Studie befragten wir freiberufliche und angestellte Hebammen in Baden-Württemberg zu ihrer Gesundheit sowie beruflichen Zufriedenheit. Methode In Zusammenarbeit: mit dem H...
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