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Jun 5, 2024 - Bunz Group
Elter, Maximilian; Ahrens, Lukas; Luo, Stella M.; Rominger, Frank; Freudenberg, Jan; Cao, Dennis D.; Bunz, Uwe H. F., 2024, "Cata-Annulated Azaacene Bisimides [data]",, heiDATA, V1
Ultra-electron-deficient azaacenes were synthesized via Buchwald-Hartwig coupling of ortho-diaminoarenes with chlorinated mellophanic diimide followed by oxidation of the intermediate N,N’-dihydro compounds with MnO2 or PbO2. The resulting cata-annulated bisimide azaacenes have u...
ZIP Archive - 126.9 KB - MD5: 3411354890c3df788dcf316ab4e3041e
ZIP Archive - 146.1 KB - MD5: a201a9656fb98f4729108d1cfc36f6ed
ZIP Archive - 160 B - MD5: 079e5cf3e8ed284af5643f58a7cbd53c
ZIP Archive - 8.8 MB - MD5: 09fc184ff360c388509ea71c2ef2e038
ZIP Archive - 134.6 MB - MD5: b4fffa9ab8d962f6232fc8eac1b11218
ZIP Archive - 411.2 KB - MD5: 55cc44bb3ce505d76f47a955291c20d0
ZIP Archive - 18.1 MB - MD5: bb9cf82021bdaf5c27e5ef37a80add1a
ZIP Archive - 131.0 KB - MD5: d5ca3d8ea06a687f08aeaeffae5277db
May 27, 2024 - Bunz Group
Ahrens, Lukas; Tverskoy, Olena; Weigold, Svenja; Ganschow, Michael; Rominger, Frank; Freudenberg, Jan; Bunz, Uwe H. F., 2024, "(Aza)Pentacenes Clipped into a Ring: Stabilization of Large (Aza)Acenes [data]",, heiDATA, V1
A doubly alkylene bridged 6,13-diphenylpentacene and analogously bridged azapentacenes were prepared; they are persistent. The doubly bridged azapentacenes display superior photochemical, oxidative and thermal stabilities compared to azapentacenes protected by bis(TIPS-ethynyl)-s...
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