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Bender, K., 2018, "Non_Eur_works.xlsx", Artworks of non-European artists,, heiDATA, V1

This file is part of "Artworks of non-European artists".

Dataset Citation
Bender, K., 2018, "Artworks of non-European artists",, heiDATA, V1
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MS Excel Spreadsheet
Excel format with description of 1339 artworks (Rows) in 18 fields (Columns): RefNo, InventoryNo, Artist, Title, Year, Description, Medium, LastValue, Dimension H, Dimension W, Dimension D, Type, Series, Status, DueBack, Client, Notes, Image Filename. The file was generated with the filter functionality of the DBMS (see File .csv) based on ‘RefNo contains’ letter 'w' (for 'world'). Sofar there is no Topical Catalogue extracted from these CSV file. All works have a Title-field which starts with a letter in upper case, very roughly categorized into topics as follows: A for 'birth', B for 'water-related', C for 'Eros and Cupid(s)', E, F and G for 'other Gods, Deities and Heroes', H mainly for 'attributes', I for 'astrology', J for 'temples' and 'statues', K for 'Urbino' 'musician' 'asleep' or 'allegory', L for 'other'.
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