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Personal data collected on the heiDATA website will only be processed by the Competence Centre for Research Data in order to provide, manage and preserve delivered data objects in the research data repository heiDATA. This includes internet publishing. Some of the information you provide during the data publishing process is mandatory in accordance with the legal provisions laid down by §§ 13, 15 Landesdatenschutzgesetz (LDSG) of Baden-Wuerttemberg and specified in §§ 3, 8 Benutzungsordnung des Bibliothekssystems der Universität Heidelberg. However, where indicated, some of the information is optional. By submitting information which is optional you are giving your consent to the processing of this information for the above-stated purposes. You can revoke your consent at any time by writing or e-mailing Competence Centre for Research Data (§ 4 Abs. 2 LDSG). For further legal processing conditions (information, correction, deletion) see §§ 21 ff. LDSG.

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