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Plain Text - 1.7 KB - MD5: d4cfddf53d17f448674e8e2a0a3c5704
Batch file for Windows (R version >= 2.14)
ZIP Archive - 949.3 KB - MD5: a3a5c315dbd6d1cde636c204a0ce7605
for Windows XP or higher; R version >= 2.14
Plain Text - 3.8 KB - MD5: a9b4b96d82ce3efc0166aabdbf0d594f
README first
Adobe PDF - 1.3 MB - MD5: 082e576258ceadac7972d9d34e355620
Adobe PDF - 1.1 MB - MD5: 8e46a1409744a1e5e97627718e470647
Phasenplan der Grabung
Adobe PDF - 89.1 MB - MD5: 2a5537698449bdfb00657949b38193c3
Tabelle aller Befunde
Stata Binary - 1.3 MB - MD5: 9fb77ff209ad320cb00e7da9f3479f47
Tab-Delimited - 575.1 KB - MD5: 5d261ef8a41d398973fd23d93d05aca7
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 1.8 MB - MD5: b426d0b3d45f609b2c73e73a1556ea47
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 346.2 KB - MD5: c6054ea20856b806c4a154e0acecb0b1
Long Term Peservation
Migrated from data.xls for Long Term Preservation purposes
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