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Jul 7, 2017 - Department of Pharmaceutical Biology
Lochead, Julia; Schessner, Julia; Werner, Tobias; Wölfl, Stefan, 2017, "Bioinformatic Tool for the Analysis of Time-Resolved data: the TReCCA Analyser",, heiDATA, V1
The TReCCA Analyser is conceived to facilitate, speed up and intensify the analysis and representation of your time-resolved data, more specically in the case of cell culture assays. Without having to type any formula, it will perform at wish the following calculations: Control c...
ZIP Archive - 93.9 KB - MD5: b9cc09f578f11566fe4734749ddc627f
Adobe PDF - 1.9 MB - MD5: 8c1fdaf50866f4c2ece1ec8cdb8d412a
ZIP Archive - 6.3 MB - MD5: 5f972b81952c2516b5cc5c71edb8df25
Tutorial - Part 1
ZIP Archive - 2.4 MB - MD5: dd43e52af4b91650a3d2b2cfa38757f5
Tutorial - Part 2
Jul 6, 2017 - Department of Pharmaceutical Biology
Holenya, Pavlo; Heigwer, Florian; Wölfl, Stefan, 2017, "Bioinformatic Tools for the Prediction of Key Regulatory Molecules in Signaltransduction Networks",, heiDATA, V1
Kinetic Operating Microarray Analyzer (KOMA) enables calibration and high-throughput analysis of quantitative microarray data collected by using kinetic detection protocol. This tool can be also helpful for analyzing data from any other analytical assays employing enzymatic signa...
Gzip Archive - 901.6 KB - MD5: af1d7a1de35cf399e8102c1cd4ce420e
for MAC/Linux/Unix operating systems; R version 2.11 to < 2.14
Gzip Archive - 902.3 KB - MD5: f628bbf7d66353edb57f1c7eb29e380d
for MAC/Linux/Unix operating systems; R version >= 2.14
Gzip Archive - 9.8 MB - MD5: 891b071992b7dbf2ed9b741af0d43731
Test data
Format: tar-Ball, gzip
ZIP Archive - 11.7 MB - MD5: cf7ada29878c444804376f8021962e7c
Test data
Format: zip
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