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Unknown - 156 B - MD5: 1b556ff1c15bf3a691f060598393e0a8
Soviet Union
GIS/Shapefile format
application/x-qgis - 726.4 KB - MD5: 564ad25918c71e8563c9bd61bfec0356
Soviet Union
GIS/Shapefile format
application/x-qgis - 636 B - MD5: 2b820479d4c6043c1af75b51770f71c4
Soviet Union
GIS/Shapefile format
Stata Syntax - 37.0 KB - MD5: f6468eec071c57537377a89e76d31bca
Stata Syntax - 2.4 KB - MD5: 851f2e83f9ced34a526afacf7f5c6c28
Jun 26, 2015 - DAH - International Journal for Digital Art History
De la Rosa, Javier; Suárez, Juan-Luis, 2015, "A Quantitative Approach to Beauty [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1
The purpose of the the data collection was to determine the shape of the change in beauty in depicted faces over time. The dataset is comprised by almost 120,000 paintings from different times and styles.
Aug 31, 2015 - AWI Experimental Economics
Oechssler, Jörg; Roomets, Alex, 2015, "A Test of Mechanical Ambiguity [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:5:0TQJ35gJjj9nUWl9FiZstA== [fileUNF]
We implement an experiment to elicit subjects’ ambiguity attitudes in the spirit of Ellsberg's three-color urn. The procedure includes three design elements that (together) have not been featured in similar experiments: Strict ambiguity preferences, a single decision, and a mecha...
Unknown - 106.9 MB - MD5: 97d118d3a6ef7d6d1a8af375c85254e3
Aders, Th. & Saoub, E. (21.6.2015). Syrien/Irak: Bedrohtes Weltkulturerbe. ARD Weltspiegel, 21.6.2015. Video, 6:49 min.
Sep 11, 2015 - AWI Experimental Economics
Trautmann, Stefan T.; Kocher, Martin; Pahlke, Julius, 2015, "An Experimental Study of Precautionary Bidding [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V2, UNF:5:RnlzAG0nN9/oXQdIQt8fdA== [fileUNF]
Auctions often involve goods exhibiting a common-knowledge ex-post risk. In such auctions, precautionary bidding predicts that under expected utility, DARA bidders reduce their bids by more than the appropriate risk premium. Because the degree of riskiness of an auctioned good an...
Archäologische Informationen(Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e.V. (DGUF))
Archäologische Informationen logo
Dec 18, 2015Propylaeum
Die Archäologischen Informationen (Arch. Inf.) ist die 1972 gegründete wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e.V. (DGUF). Die eingereichten Beiträge (deutsch oder englisch) unterliegen einem Peer Review. Primärdaten zu den Veröffentli...
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