heiDATA is an institutional repository for Open Research Data from Heidelberg University. It is managed by the Competence Centre for Research Data, a joint institution of the University Library and the Computing Centre. If you are interested in publishing your data here, please have a look at our user guide and get in touch with us. Detailed information on heiDATA can be found in our service description.
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Plain Text - 885 B - MD5: 3b5267a8930286b55a1e749b5787441f
Gzip Archive - 7.2 GB - MD5: 472b21be96959dece9179dcc1efb2509
Compressed file with all relevant input and output simulation files, as well as code to setup the simulations and analyze the results.
TIFF Image - 2.1 GB - MD5: 3bc03ac3bea886cc20cb062bd471b9aa
TIFF Image - 2.1 GB - MD5: 5fa57bc7ebf91f8ec11d2b94e16358ce
Plain Text - 131.0 MB - MD5: 360e91f5a2b3248a2d52d960626e35d5
TIFF Image - 2.1 GB - MD5: b7ed3d6f26cde3efafde504063edc642
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