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Nov 2, 2023 - Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS)
Henke, Konstantin; Arnold, Matthias, 2023, "Jing bao ground truth – text block crops and annotations",, heiDATA, V1
This is the data set related to the paper "Language Model Assisted OCR Classification for Republican Chinese Newspaper Text", JDADH 11/2023. In this work, we present methods to obtain a neural optical character recognition (OCR) tool for article blocks in a Republican Chinese new...
Oct 27, 2023 - Institut für Politische Wissenschaft - AG Tosun
Tosun, Jale; Levario Saad, Emiliano; Glückler, Johannes; Irigoyen Rios, Alejandra; Lehmann, Rosa, 2023, "Country‐Specific Participation Patterns in Transnational Governance Initiatives on Sustainability [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:hqBnVpb6iLDp8mHczBYzOg== [fileUNF]
Contains data on transnational governance initiaties on sustainability. The data is self coded on the based of information provided by the tansnational governance initiatives on their respective websites.
Oct 27, 2023 -
Iglesia, Martin de la; Wenzel, Michael, 2021, "Kommentierte digitale Edition der Reise- und Sammlungsbeschreibungen Philipp Hainhofers (1578-1647)",, heiDATA, V15
Dieses Datenset enthält die der Edition zugrundeliegenden Forschungsdaten, also vor allem die in TEI/XML codierten Transkriptionen und Kommentare sowie die daraus abgeleiteten Formate PDF, TXT und XHTML, außerdem die Register in PDF und XHTML.
Oct 26, 2023 - prometheus – Das verteilte digitale Bildarchiv für Forschung & Lehre
Dieckmann, Lisa; Koch, Jörg; Peter, Sven; Schepp, Moritz; Atanassov, Mihail; Baehren, Lars; Beßler, Sebastian; Bodo Block, Thomas; Eilermann, Arne; Wille, Jens, 2023, "prometheus Source Code v4.0",, heiDATA, V1
The prometheus digital image archive software is the driving force behind the prometheus image archive. It's being developed since late fall of 2006, on top of the Ruby on Rails framework. It is Free Software, released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.
prometheus – Das verteilte digitale Bildarchiv für Forschung & Lehre(Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität zu Köln)
prometheus – Das verteilte digitale Bildarchiv für Forschung & Lehre logo
Oct 26,
Open Research Data from the prometheus, a distributed digital image archive
Oct 25, 2023 - Data Analysis and Modeling in Medicine
Marvin Kinz, 2023, "SimTool-SynBench",, heiDATA, V2
The SimTool is a toolset to simulate soft tissue deformation during resection surgery. The proposed toolset is an assimilation of 3D packages in Python and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) with Nvidia Flex integration, which make it possible to adapt the dataset for more applications. The S...
Data Analysis and Modeling in Medicine(Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim)
Oct 24, 2023
Open Research Data from the Data Analysis and Modeling in Medicine at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University.
Oct 18, 2023 - Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine
Tönnes, Christian; Zöllner, Frank, 2023, "Feature-Oriented CBCT Self-Calibration Parameter Estimator for Arbitrary Trajectories: FORCAST-EST [data]",, heiDATA, V1
Data for the Paper: "Feature-Oriented CBCT Self-Calibration Parameter Estimator for Arbitrary Trajectories: FORCAST-EST" Abstract: Background: For the reconstruction of Cone-Beam CT volumes, the exact position of each projection is needed; howe...
Oct 18, 2023 - Belspo-GEN-EX
Hess, Katharina; Engel, Max; Koutsodendris, Andreas, 2023, "Sedimentological storm and tsunami record of Loch Flugarth, Shetland Islands (UK)",, heiDATA, V2, UNF:6:V/gEneKNZSIkU7prJ9IeCQ== [fileUNF]
This dataset comprises the geochemical and sedimentological results of both publications Hess et al., 2023 and Engel et al., 2023. Hess et al., 2023: Severe storm flooding poses a major hazard to the coasts of north-western Europe. However, the long-term recurrence patterns of ex...
Oct 13, 2023 - Blasco Group
Klee, Pia S.; Vazquez-Martel, Clara; Florido Martins, Lilliana; Blasco, Eva, 2023, "Designing Sustainable Polymers: Lactate Esters for 3D Printing and Upcycling [data]",, heiDATA, V1
The search for sustainable polymer systems is key to tackling the current climate crisis. However, the use of bio-based polymers does not suffice to achieve this goal. Additionally, new chemical approaches enabling the re- or upcycling of polymer materials need to be explored. He...
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