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Feb 6, 2024 - EuRepoC
Sachs, Annika; Schmalfeldt, Imke; Zettl-Schabath, Kerstin, 2024, "Right thoughts, right words, right actions? The EU‘s application of the Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox [data]",, heiDATA, V1
This dataset is the first to address the application of the EU's cyber diplomacy toolbox (CDT) by EU institutions/actors since 2017 until the end of May 2023. Based on this, the related research paper highlights trends, patterns, and anomalies in previous usage that can be identi...
EuRepoC(Heidelberg University)
Feb 6, 2024
Jan 23, 2024 - Psychological Research Methods
Stump, Annika; Voss, Andreas; Rummel, Jan, 2024, "The illusory certainty: Information repetition and impressions of truth enhance subjective confidence in validity judgments independently of the factual truth [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1
People not only judge repeatedly perceived information as more likely being true (the so-called truth effect) they also tend to be more confident after judging the validity of repeated information. These phenomena are assumed to be caused by a higher subjective feeling of ease (i...
Oct 27, 2023 - Institut für Politische Wissenschaft - AG Tosun
Tosun, Jale; Levario Saad, Emiliano; Glückler, Johannes; Irigoyen Rios, Alejandra; Lehmann, Rosa, 2023, "Country‐Specific Participation Patterns in Transnational Governance Initiatives on Sustainability [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:hqBnVpb6iLDp8mHczBYzOg== [fileUNF]
Contains data on transnational governance initiaties on sustainability. The data is self coded on the based of information provided by the tansnational governance initiatives on their respective websites.
Sep 18, 2023 - AWI Experimental Economics
Trautmann, Stefan T.; Wang, Xianghong; Wang, Yijie; Xu, Yilong, 2023, "High‑status individuals are held to higher ethical standards [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:d4StHYIKqO6F0tAqF0pfUA== [fileUNF]
Although there is evidence for the generosity of high‑status individuals, there seems to be a strong perception that the elites are selfish and contribute little to others’ welfare, and even less so than poorer people. We argue that this perception may derive from a gap between n...
Sep 18, 2023 - Forschungsgruppe AG Nikendei
Kindermann, David; Rollmann, Ivo; Orth, Maximilian; Friederich, Hans-Christoph; Nikendei, Christoph, 2023, "Direct and indirect effects of adverse and protective childhood experiences on symptom improvement in psychotherapy [results]",, heiDATA, V4
Analysis of the psychotherapy data from the HIP (Heidelberger Institute for Psychotherapy). We checked whether the speed of patients' symptom improvement depended on their childhood experiences. We used the structural integration of personality as mediating factors.
Aug 15, 2023 - NCT - Section of Translational Medical Ethics
Anger, Michael; Wendelborn, Christian; Schickhardt, Christoph, 2023, "German funders' data sharing policies - A qualitative interview study [interview excerpts]",, heiDATA, V1
Background Data sharing is commonly seen as beneficial for science, but is not yet common practice. Research funding agencies are known to play a key role in promoting data sharing, but German funders’ data sharing policies appear to lag behind in international comparison. This s...
Aug 9, 2023 - AWI Experimental Economics
Özgümüs, Asri; Rau, Holger A.; Trautmann, Stefan T., 2023, "Delayed Risk in Individual and Social Decisions [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1
This paper studies temporal-distance effects on individual and social risks, testing Construal Level Theory. We elicit WTPs for risky and ambiguous lotteries and vary the timing (immediately vs. in two weeks) when the uncertainty is resolved. Subjects have lower WTPs for longshot...
May 25, 2023 - Institut für Politische Wissenschaft - AG Tosun
Tosun, Jale; Heinz-Fischer, Christin; Luo, Rui, 2023, "Who takes the lead? [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:Yzlpf9ASvRdVtMllNS0wrg== [fileUNF]
Action is needed from all the major emitting economies if we are to achieve global net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. Climate action takes place at various levels of the political system. In this study, we concentrate on cooperation between the major economies on clean energy tec...
May 19, 2023 - AWI Experimental Economics
Lambrecht, Marco; Oechssler, Jörg, 2023, "Do women shy away from risky skill games? [Replication package]",, heiDATA, V1
A risky skill game is a game in which skill plays an important role but outcomes are also strongly influenced by random factors. Examples are poker or blackjack but also many economic activities like trading on financial markets. In an online experiment we let subjects choose how o...
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