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Jan 28, 2016 - AWI Experimental Economics
Pollmann, Monique; Potters, Jan; Trautmann, Stefan T., 2016, "Risk taking by agents: The role of ex-ante and ex-post accountability [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:5:xAMEsbLcHACMf16SEb4syQ== [fileUNF]
We study the role of accountability in situations where an agent makes risky decisions for a principal. We observe that in the absence of accountability, agents choose less risk averse investments for the principal than investors who invest for their own account. Accountability m...
Unknown - 14.1 KB - MD5: bfbb72982a942ab72dbec9def5c437fd
Unknown - 126.5 KB - MD5: e10026c434e63d20dbee9ac294626f6d
contains the raw data merged from the excel files created by zetree
Tabular Data - 56.5 KB - 87 Variables, 244 Observations - UNF:5:xAMEsbLcHACMf16SEb4syQ==
data in stata format
Stata Syntax - 1.9 KB - MD5: e0ccaafc3df10726a4a052be8b3ff2aa
contains code to replicate the results reported in the article
Unknown - 15.1 KB - MD5: 71cac7c4b3fcf195c15d11ce39305970
creates figure 1 (article)
Plain Text - 575 B - MD5: dce26e780a41a6c01397f225f2a61919
Feb 3, 2016 - AWI Experimental Economics
Kettner, Sara Elisa; Waichman, Israel, 2016, "Old Age and Prosocial Behavior: Social Preferences or Experimental Confounds? [Dataset]",, heiDATA, V1
Experimental and field evidence indicate a positive link between social preferences and age, most strikingly between the elderly and young adults. However, it is possible that the seemingly positive link between age and preferences stems from confounds in experimental procedure....
JPEG Image - 120.5 KB - MD5: 280b6ecb9b526c5acf05502dac55a18c
JPEG Image - 110.4 KB - MD5: f1b71b80c1a03f6ce7cf8c00eac45f03
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