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ZIP Archive - 425.7 MB - MD5: c11990d6fd82192a5295217bbb1e1094
This archive includes separate tables for each 2PLSM image stack from all study mice on all studied timepoints
Adobe PDF - 196.4 KB - MD5: 5774c19ac0e47400c3a25146a2b220e1
Adobe PDF - 140.7 KB - MD5: 7b2362d0fb455f0d1c01b16d19e1b348
Introduction to the collection on sites of historical silver mines in southwest China, northeast Vietnam and northwest Myanmar
Google Earth Archive - 5.5 KB - MD5: 32719302bf86419bfc87c77843f2c22e
Google Earth Archive - 2.1 KB - MD5: 7d73d0a540b4b621aa9cbcfdb97e4c93
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