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Mar 27, 2023 - Medical Biophysics Group
Martín-Cortecero, Jesús; Isaías-Camacho, Emilio Ulises; Boztepe, Berin; Ziegler, Katharina; Mease, Rebecca Audrey; Groh, Alexander, 2023, "Monosynaptic trans-collicular pathways link mouse whisker circuits to integrate somatosensory and motor cortical signals [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V2
This dataset contains electrophysiological spike time data and figure data for anatomical quantifications reported in Martín-Cortecero et al. Monosynaptic trans-collicular pathways for sensory-motor integration in the whisker system (2023). Abstract: The superior colliculus (SC),...
Mar 27, 2023 - Institute of Organic Chemistry - AK Mastalerz
Roß, Lisa; Reitemeier, Julius; Ghalami, Farhad; Zhang, Wen-Shan; Gross, Jürgen H.; Rominger, Frank; Elbert, Sven M.; Schröder, Rasmus; Elstner, Marcus; Mastalerz, Michael, 2023, "Two Dimensional Triptycene End-Capping and Its Influence on the Self-Assembly of Quinoxalinophenanthrophenazines [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
A series of quinoxalinophenanthrophenazines (QPPs) with two-dimensional triptycene end-caps was synthesized from a triphenylene base ortho-diamine. UV/vis spectroscopy suggested the formation of dimers in solution which was further confirmed by MALDI-TIMS-TOF-MS and single crysta...
Mar 24, 2023 - HITS MBM
Rennekamp, Benedikt; Gräter, Frauke, 2023, "Collagen breaks at weak sacrificial bonds taming its mechanoradicals [Data]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:Da6omTKjrSvNcDwyJxuHOg== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains input files for MD simulations, derived breakage counts from these simulations that are used to generate the figures in the publication, and the experimental, uncropped SDS-PAGE gels of the presented results in the related publication. Abstract of related pu...
Mar 21, 2023 - Ground truth data for HTR on South Asian Scripts
Derrick, Tom; British Library, 2023, "Ground Truth transcriptions for training OCR of historical Bengali printed texts – Recognition of Early Indian Printed Documents competition - updated with improved XML coordinates",, heiDATA, V1
This dataset comprises 81 digitised images (TIFF files) drawn from a selection of early printed Bengali books (1713-1914) digitised through the Two Centuries of Indian Print project ( Also contained are ground truth transc...
Mar 21, 2023 - IPW - Culture Wars
Barkhausen, David; Bloching, Sven; Engeler, Hannah, 2023, "Aufweichen, abbremsen, abschirmen – Wirtschaftsmetaphern zwischen politischer Abgrenzung und diskursiven Allgemeinplätzen [Forschungsdaten]",, heiDATA, V1
Our study examines the use of metaphors in the German discourse regarding European monetary and fiscal policy. Though this policy area sparked considerable interest among linguists, so far there is a lacuna concerning interdisciplinary comparative studies that examine metaphorica...
Mar 14, 2023 - Forschungsgruppe AG Nikendei
Kindermann, David; Rollmann, Ivo; Orth, Maximilian; Friederich, Hans-Christoph; Nikendei, Christoph, 2023, "Structural integration of personality mediates the effects of adverse and protective childhood experiences on the course of psychotherapy [Results]",, heiDATA, V2
Analysis of the psychotherapy data from the HIP (Heidelberger Institute for Psychotherapy). We checked whether the speed of patients' symptom improvement depended on their childhood experiences. We used the structural integration of personality as mediating factors.
Mar 13, 2023 - Belspo-GEN-EX
Hess, Katharina; Engel, Max; Koutsodendris, Andreas, 2023, "Sedimentological storm and tsunami record of Loch Flugarth, Shetland Islands (UK)",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:S+HMOu6n53k0lCvQS9VzSQ== [fileUNF]
Severe storm surges pose a major hazard to the coasts of northwestern Europe. Therefore, high-resolution records of past North Atlantic storminess are required to assess (i) whether storm activity has increased in recent decades and (ii) which future risks may arise from storm su...
Mar 10, 2023 - NLU anonymized
Christoph Dieterich, 2022, "CARDIO:DE",, heiDATA, V5
Abstract: We present CARDIO:DE, the first freely available and distributable large German clinical corpus from the cardiovascular domain. CARDIO:DE encompasses 500 clinical routine German doctor’s letters from Heidelberg University Hospital, which were manually annotated. Our pro...
Mar 9, 2023 - Quartär – Internationales Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des Eiszeitalters und der Steinzeit
Schoenenberg, Jonathan; Sauer, Florian, 2023, "Ergänzungsmaterial zu: Diachronic Perspectives on Upper Palaeolithic Landscape Accessibility / Jungpaläolithische Landschafts-Akzessibilität im diachronen Vergleich",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:vn/vkRkJZMwsekEfW5zRDw== [fileUNF]
Hunter-gatherer communities are highly dependent on the accessibility of their surrounding landscapes. Relief, as well as the predominant vegetation strongly influence walking speed and thus the size of foraging ranges around camp sites: the catchments. Throughout the Upper Palae...
Mar 9, 2023 - Quartär – Internationales Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des Eiszeitalters und der Steinzeit
Gennai, Jacopo; Peresani, Marco; Richter, Jürgen, 2023, "Ergänzungsmaterial zu: Blades, bladelets or blade(let)s? Investigating early Upper Palaeolithic technology and taxonomical considerations / Klingen, Lamellen oder beides? Untersuchungen zur früh-jungpaläolithischen Technologie und taxonomische Überlegungen",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:nOUSxtrv9SowlfAMxrd2iQ== [fileUNF]
The early Upper Palaeolithic marks a technological turning point in Western Eurasia, evidenced by the increased spread of bladelet production. The two main technocomplexes, the Aurignacian and the Ahmarian, have long histories of research and have always formed part of the debate...
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