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Prof. Rohini Kuner's lab(Heidelberg University)
Jul 19, 2022
Open Research Data from Prof. Rohini Kuner's lab at the Institute of Pharmacology at Heidelbeg Uniiversity.
Jul 14, 2022 - Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine
Zöllner, Frank, 2022, "Synthesis of CT images from digital body phantoms using CycleGAN [dataset]",, heiDATA, V1
The potential of medical image analysis with neural networks is limited by the restricted availability of extensive data sets. The incorporation of synthetic training data is one approach to bypass this shortcoming, as synthetic data offer accurate annotations and unlimited data...
Jul 14, 2022 - Propylaeum@heiDATA
Höke, Benjamin; Gauß, Florian; Peek, Christina; Stelzner, Jörg, 2022, "Lauchheim II.4. Katalog der Gräber 901 –1308 [Supplement]",, heiDATA, V1
Mit rund 1300 Gräbern aus dem Zeitraum vom späten 5. bis zum späten 7. Jahrhundert ist das Gräberfeld von Lauchheim ‚Wasserfurche‘ (Ostalbkreis) bis heute der größte bekannte merowingerzeitliche Bestattungsplatz Süddeutschlands. In den Jahren 1986 bis 1996 wurde das fast vollstän...
Jul 5, 2022 - Bunz Group
Bojanowski, N. Maximilian; Huck, Christian; Veith, Lisa; Strunk, Karl-Philipp; Bäuerle, Rainer; Melzer, Christian; Freudenberg, Jan; Wacker, Irene; Schröder, Rasmus R.; Tegeder, Petra; Bunz, Uwe H. F., 2022, "Electron-beam lithography of cinnamate polythiophene films: conductive nanorods for electronic applications [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Research Data associated with the related publication. Synthesis and characterization of cinnamate substituted polythiophene (P3ZT). Cross linkage via UV and electron beam radiation; network formation in thin films controlled by infrared spectroscopy and film retention experiment...
Jun 30, 2022 - Bunz Group
Maier, Steffen, 2022, "A Stable Hexaazaoctacene Cruciform σ-Dimer [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Buchwald‐Hartwig coupling of a triisopropylsilyl (TIPS)‐ethynylated dibromo‐N,N'‐dihydrotetraazapentacene with 1,4‐bis(TIPS‐ethynyl)‐2,3‐diaminonaphthalene furnishes a dihydrohexaazaoctacene. Its oxidation with MnO2 results in a 7,7'‐bi(hexaazaoctacenyl). In addition to eight TIP...
Jun 23, 2022 - Translational Health Economics
Jevdjevic, Milica; Listl, Stefan, 2022, "Economic impacts of oral diseases in 2019 - data for 194 countries",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:vnazrLSpgQXypPHGj+JjLQ== [fileUNF]
Data for the global, regional, and country-level economic impacts of oral diseases in 2019. Methodology is based on: (1) Listl S, Galloway J, Mossey PA, Marcenes W. Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases. J Dent Res. 2015;94:1355-61. (2) Righolt AJ, Jevdjevic M, Marcenes W, Li...
Translational Health Economics(Heidelberg University Hospital)
Jun 23, 2022
Jun 22, 2022 - Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine
Zöllner, Frank, 2022, "Multimodal ground truth datasets for abdominal medical image registration [data]",, heiDATA, V1
Sparsity of annotated data is a major limitation in medical image processing tasks such as registration. Registered multimodal image data are essential for the diagnosis of medical conditions and the success of interventional medical procedures. To overcome the shortage of data,...
Jun 17, 2022 - Division of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine
Herrmann, Yannis; Lainati, Federica; del Mar Castro, María; Mwamba, Chanda; Kumwenda, Moses; Muyoyeta, Monde; Broger, Tobias; Heinrich, Norbert; Olbrich, Lisa; Corbett, Elizabeth; McMahon, Shannon; Engel, Nora; Denkinger, Claudia, 2022, "User perspectives and preferences on a novel TB LAM diagnostic (Fujifilm SILVAMP TB LAM) – a qualitative study in Malawi and Zambia [data]",, heiDATA, V1
This data set supports the findings of the FujiLAM qualitative study published in PLOS Global Public Health (Titel:"User perspectives and preferences on a novel TB LAM diagnostic (Fujifilm SILVAMP TB LAM) – a qualitative study in Malawi and Zambia"). The repository contains our d...
Jun 15, 2022 - Forschungsgruppe AG Nikendei
Ivo Rollmann, 2022, "Social and Cognitive Congruence [Data]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:0usUjPJ6fAea5SEs9INPAw== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains the R-Script of our Evaluation and the dataset on which our results are based.
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