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Mar 10, 2023 - NLU anonymized
Christoph Dieterich, 2022, "CARDIO:DE",, heiDATA, V5
Abstract: We present CARDIO:DE, the first freely available and distributable large German clinical corpus from the cardiovascular domain. CARDIO:DE encompasses 500 clinical routine German doctor’s letters from Heidelberg University Hospital, which were manually annotated. Our pro...
Feb 14, 2023 - HITS MBM
Riedmiller, Kai; Treyde, Wojtek; Gräter, Frauke, 2022, "Bond dissociation energies of X−H bonds in proteins [data]",, heiDATA, V2
Knowledge of reliable X−H bond dissociation energies (X = C, N, O, S) for amino acids in proteins is key for studying the radical chemistry of proteins. X−H bond dissociation energies of model dipeptides were computed using the isodesmic reaction method at the BMK/6-31+G(2df,p) a...
Feb 9, 2023 - Semantische Datenmodellierung für Kunst und Architektur (
Sobriel, Nicole, 2022, "Semantische Datenmodellierung für Werkverzeichnisse (Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg)",, heiDATA, V2
Die Semantische Datenmodellierung für Werkverzeichnisse war einer der Schwerpunkte des von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) geförderten Projektes "Semantics4Art&Architecture - Aufbau einer nachhaltigen Forschungsinfrastruktur für die ontologiebasierte Dokumentation und...
Jan 23, 2023 - Division of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine
Katzenschlager, Stephan; Brümmer, Lukas E.; Schmitz, Stephani; Tolle, Hannah; Manten, Katharina; Gaeddert, Mary; Erdmann, Christian; Lindner, Andreas; Tobian, Frank; Grilli, Maurizio; Pollock, Nira R.; Mace, Aurélien; Erkosar, Berra; Carmona, Sergio; Ongarello, Stefano; Johnson, Cheryl C.; Sacks, Jilian A.; Denkinger, Claudia M.; Yerlikaya, Seda, 2022, "Performance of Covid-19 antigen rapid diagnostic tests for self-testing compared with antigen testing by professionals and molecular tests: A systematic review and meta-analysis [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V2
Objectives Self-testing is an effective tool to bridge the testing gap for a number of infectious diseas-es; however, its performance using SARS-CoV-2 antigen-detection rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDTs) has not been systematically reviewed. We evaluated the accuracy of COVID-19 se...
Jan 17, 2023 - NCT - Section of Translational Medical Ethics
Köngeter, Anja; Schickhardt, Christoph; Jungkunz, Martin; Mehlis, Katja; Winkler, Eva C., 2022, "Physicians’ Attitudes towards Secondary Use of Clinical Data for Biomedical Research Purposes. Results of a Quantitative Survey. [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V2, UNF:6:rCJxTnlT0ZCX6/Tn/Zv78g== [fileUNF]
This is the research data from the publication "Physicians' Attitudes toward Secondary Use of Clinical Data for Biomedical Research Purposes. Results of a Quantitative Survey." The research data includes the questionnaire, the data set used, and a description of the data preparat...
Dec 21, 2022 - Germania
Hamerow, Helena, 2022, "Zugehörige Daten zu: The ‘cerealisation’ of the Rhineland: Extensification, crop rotation and the medieval ‘agricultural revolution’ in the longue durée",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:8Q9EvuyVFZJSJJVOMuoRuw== [fileUNF]
The supplemental table provides the lab identification code (ID) of each isotopic sample. It also provides information about the archaeological site, date, crop taxa and number of grains analysed for each isotopic sample, as well as their %C, %N, δ13C and δ15N values.
Dec 20, 2022 - Propylaeum@heiDATA
Kronz, Andreas, 2022, "Ergänzungsdaten zu: Rhenish glass – A chemical investigation",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:+np8J11Y3Crr2JV9FbctMA== [fileUNF]
Die Analyse (EPMA, LaICPMS) zahlreicher archäologisch gut datierter Gläser aus römischem und frühmittelalterlichem Kontext aus Köln und weiteren Handelsorten erweitert unsere Erkenntnisse zur Erzeugung von Gebrauchsglas im Rheinland. Die fränkischen Werkstätten im Bereich des Ha...
Dec 19, 2022 - Thomas Lab
Werner, Marius; Pampel, Julius; Pham, Truc Lam; Thomas, Franziska, 2022, "Late-Stage Functionalisation of Peptides on the Solid Phase by an Iodination-Substitution Approach [Research Data]",, heiDATA, V1
The functionalisation of peptides at a late synthesis stage holds great potential, for example, for the synthesis of peptide pharmaceuticals, fluorescent biosensors or peptidomimetics. Here we describe an on-resin iodination-substitution reaction sequence on homoserine that is al...
Dec 14, 2022 - Institute of Organic Chemistry - AK Mastalerz
Benke, Bahiru P.; Kirschbaum, Tobias; Graf, Jürgen; Gross, Jürgen; Mastalerz, Michael, 2022, "Dimeric and Trimeric Catenation of Giant Chiral [8+12] Imine Cubes Driven by Weak Supramolecular Interactions [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Mechanically interlocked structures, such as catenanes or rotaxanes are fascinating synthetic targets and some are used for molecular switches and machines. Today, the vast majority of catenated structures are built upon macrocycles and only a very few examples of three-dimension...
Dec 8, 2022 - Ground truth data for HTR on South Asian Scripts
O'Neill, Alexander, 2022, "Ground Truth Model for Pracalit for Sanskrit and Newar MSS 16th to 19th C.",, heiDATA, V1
Ground truth data for a an OCR model. Will be continually updated. Originally trained on Transkribus with a PyLaia model created from ground truth data based on transcripts into Pracalit Unicode of four Nepalese manuscripts. The manuscripts used to create this model are Staatsbib...
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