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heiDATA is an institutional repository for Open Research Data from Heidelberg University. It is managed by the Competence Centre for Research Data, a joint institution of the University Library and the Computing Centre. If you are interested in publishing your data here, please see our author instructions and get in touch with us.
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ZIP Archive - 109.3 MB - MD5: ce1d3715c87cbe5c42890301218ee9a3
ZIP Archive - 104.6 MB - MD5: 9c81219a9c839f4bb5efded1b0841759
ZIP Archive - 106.8 MB - MD5: f4953cfa1d52cf5bf8edd5c0a31b34ac
ZIP Archive - 102.9 MB - MD5: a4640c826c195273c2a9a71bd9da0d04
ZIP Archive - 47.7 MB - MD5: 0bcff31f1c072b7d61f276cc2d3939bf
ZIP Archive - 107.7 MB - MD5: ab691d40bfb20f57b0e9e903d340a4a9
ZIP Archive - 45.2 MB - MD5: 4536b50c8eed024d25895151c19cd2f6
ZIP Archive - 158.9 MB - MD5: f12491a85a7a3ffa966124778dd98017
ZIP Archive - 79.6 MB - MD5: 3a120f9b6ec063fbf6d2c149e36579e4
ZIP Archive - 76.7 MB - MD5: d031b8cbe12e2da0aad128b20ee34bfe
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