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Jun 1, 2023 - HITS MBM
Gräter, Frauke; Franz, Florian; Winograd-Katz, Sabina; Tapia-Rojo, Rafael; Boujemaa-Paterski, Rajaa; Li, Wenhong; Unger, Tamar; Albeck, Shira; Aponte-Santamaria, Camilo; Garcia-Manyes, Sergi; Medalia, Ohad; Geiger, Benny, 2023, "Allosteric Activation of Vinculin by Talin [data]",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:32j0OWUdxRAbsyCMzwdFcQ== [fileUNF]
The talin-vinculin axis is a key mechanosensing component of cellular focal adhesions. How talin and vinculin respond to forces and regulate one another remains unclear. By combining single molecule magnetic tweezer experiments, Molecular Dynamics simulations, actin bundling assa...
Tabular Data - 3.9 MB - 7 Variables, 74517 Observations - UNF:6:uRWioNnEVLhiZbugeBo9Ug==
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 23.2 MB - MD5: 3450f6c48daa6969234ec202826bb772
Tabular Data - 7.4 KB - 15 Variables, 130 Observations - UNF:6:eI+lNmJRND0quBhivVJhVA==
Tabular Data - 681.4 KB - 188 Variables, 200 Observations - UNF:6:btR0Y2+hONqwlyH3zZbOmw==
Tabular Data - 4.2 KB - 15 Variables, 46 Observations - UNF:6:7ejnJ9p354SFGHJYOgW66g==
Tabular Data - 258.3 KB - 18 Variables, 2907 Observations - UNF:6:xOnYguJ1s8hhLt1D878K1w==
Tabular Data - 804 B - 8 Variables, 10 Observations - UNF:6:uu512x7NwYmqE9XyTU3CmA==
Tabular Data - 1.1 KB - 42 Variables, 10 Observations - UNF:6:cV1xJyHeepz64l+h/Extxw==
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 31.8 MB - MD5: 987a30a9c9e3301c12d9393df45e2506
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