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Jun 30, 2022 - Bunz Group
Maier, Steffen, 2022, "A Stable Hexaazaoctacene Cruciform σ-Dimer [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Buchwald‐Hartwig coupling of a triisopropylsilyl (TIPS)‐ethynylated dibromo‐N,N'‐dihydrotetraazapentacene with 1,4‐bis(TIPS‐ethynyl)‐2,3‐diaminonaphthalene furnishes a dihydrohexaazaoctacene. Its oxidation with MnO2 results in a 7,7'‐bi(hexaazaoctacenyl). In addition to eight TIP...
ZIP Archive - 207.1 MB - MD5: 4b0c7cc5a7f5e1496b3a5ab8f6fea88a
Jun 23, 2022 - Translational Health Economics
Jevdjevic, Milica; Listl, Stefan, 2022, "Economic impacts of oral diseases in 2019 - data for 194 countries",, heiDATA, V1, UNF:6:vnazrLSpgQXypPHGj+JjLQ== [fileUNF]
Data for the global, regional, and country-level economic impacts of oral diseases in 2019. Methodology is based on: (1) Listl S, Galloway J, Mossey PA, Marcenes W. Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases. J Dent Res. 2015;94:1355-61. (2) Righolt AJ, Jevdjevic M, Marcenes W, Li...
MS Word - 73.8 KB - MD5: f1d80576602f4e2d8ed408b783cf9a4f
GATHER checklist information that should be included in new reports of global health estimates
Tabular Data - 23.1 KB - 4 Variables, 1840 Observations - UNF:6:vnazrLSpgQXypPHGj+JjLQ==
Translational Health Economics(Heidelberg University Hospital)
Jun 23, 2022
Jun 22, 2022 - Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine
Zöllner, Frank, 2022, "Multimodal ground truth datasets for abdominal medical image registration [data]",, heiDATA, V1
Sparsity of annotated data is a major limitation in medical image processing tasks such as registration. Registered multimodal image data are essential for the diagnosis of medical conditions and the success of interventional medical procedures. To overcome the shortage of data,...
ZIP Archive - 25.4 GB - MD5: 5827c4d57139e094fd58b32417b8b436
ZIP Archive - 2.8 GB - MD5: d68291bee7870146b4c72ea475a23a67
ZIP Archive - 3.5 GB - MD5: 7ecd9b894710d6269f28e63d4e668b57
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