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IWR Visual Learning Lab (Heidelberg University)
This Dataverse contains visual learning related research data of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing at Heidelberg University.

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Sep 7, 2020
Brachmann, Eric, 2020, "Differentiable RANSAC (DSAC) for Visual Re-Localization [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Pre-trained models of our camera re-localization method for the MSR 7Scenes dataset. For more information, also see the code documentation:
Gzip Archive - 3.9 GB - MD5: 60faa75a1b48608ebf0afc417c12716d
Sep 7, 2020
Brachmann, Eric, 2020, "DSAC++ Visual Camera Re-Localization [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Supplementary training data for visual camera re-localization, particularly rendered depth maps to be used in combination with the Cambridge Landmarks dataset. We also provide pre-trained models of our method for the MSR 7Scenes dataset and the Cambridge Landmarks dataset. For mo...
ZIP Archive - 6.1 GB - MD5: 778623d521d814881e93e05df2987627
Gzip Archive - 6.1 GB - MD5: 3c4f0e198fd2cc1f153c4378c1265269
Sep 7, 2020
Brachmann, Eric, 2020, "6D Object Pose Estimation using 3D Object Coordinates [Data]",, heiDATA, V1
Supplementary training data and binaries for 6D object pose estimation, particularly a dataset of 20 objects under various lighting conditions with RGB-D images, ground truth poses and segmentation as well as 3D models. Additionally, a collection of RGB-D images showing office ba...
ZIP Archive - 4.4 GB - MD5: e59d05612be04c6999ae0a62ce82b917
ZIP Archive - 1.1 GB - MD5: d9c531e3d1c2505d6fc74c994722d956
ZIP Archive - 2.9 MB - MD5: 59f1f152825a307b9c9327c08e2f9fd3
ZIP Archive - 2.6 MB - MD5: 6ec19f00a16f919d64fb2b80d750df0f
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